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  • Sr. Denise Montagne, IHM

    Poets 2016
    Congratulations, Sr. Denise Montagne

    Congratulations to Sister Denise Montagne IHM (2nd from the left in white) who professed her final vows in the chapel at the IHM Center on Saturday, October 29, 2016. Sr. Denise is a native of Lima, Peru. IHM Sisters,friends and family from Peru and the US as well as students and faculty from Holy Cross High School, where she is a teacher, joined Sr. Denise at the liturgy to affirm her commitment and celebrate with her.

    Congratulations to our published poets.

    Congratulations to the following 22 Holy Cross juniors whose poems have been published in the spring 2016 edition of A Celebration of Poets. Because Holy Cross had over 15 poems selected, our school has received the Poetic Achievement Award. Students worked with Mrs. Janine Wetter, Holy Cross English teacher to create these poems. Shown here in alpha order are: Amanda Alfano, Neena Beggin, Rosalie Bennie, Hayden Brostoski, Mollie Burda, Emma Connolly, Ashlyn Cox, Cameron D'Andrea (absent from photo,) Hannah Evans, Jennifer Gillern, Anthony Gilliotti,Abby Hoban,Julianna Innocenti, Karli Kozel, Lindsay Leppo, Destiny Marino, Angelica Matthews, Allison McGee ,Megan O'Brien , Laurelai Vanston, Lexi Walsh, Soren Yadlosky, Also shown, Mrs. Janine Wetter, Holy Cross English teacher