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  • Heatlh and Physical Education Courses

    Health Education
    This course presents skills for wellness by providing accurate and thorough information that young people need to make positive decisions about their health in the areas of physical health, mental health, social health, drugs, nutrition, violence prevention, and exercise. In this course, students are encouraged to realize the choices they make in the present affect their health through life.

    Physical Education
    Physical Education is an activity-based program offering both team and individual choices. An opportunity for every individual to develop and use physical skills at their ability level is offered. The emphasis in the physical education program is placed on movement and participation.

    Fitness and Movement
    This course is a combination of strength and aerobic activities interspersed with team games. An emphasis is placed on students qualifying for the President’s Physical Fitness award. Events included are a one mile run, push-up and curl-up tests, the sit and reach and a shuttle run.